Love and War

In my world, LGBT friends have accepted me ‘coming out’ as a Catechism Catholic who believes that homosexual sex, and therefore homosexual marriage, is against the law of nature and against the law of God. They still love me. We lovingly agree to disagree even about something so utterly fundamental and potentially divisive. It has had no impact whatsoever on our friendship. For my part, it has improved the relationship because I am so grateful not to be rejected. Maybe their own painful experience of rejection has made them sensitive to others who are considered in some quarters as social pariahs. It is a source of great consolation and joy to me that they allow me to be who I am.

This reality has led me to believe that the media has an agenda presenting religious people and the LGBT community as engaged in a war which only one side can win.

This detracts from the real war: the danger to children of the glamorisation of transgenderism, an over-sexualised culture and a denial of the pre-eminence of a natural family unit.

When I explain to my LGBT friends what Catholic Family Voice is fighting against and why we support the Birmingham parent protesters I have found that they share our concerns about the core issues: especially teaching small children that they may have been born in the wrong body. One of the greatest ironies inherent in the ‘No Outsiders’ and other ‘Equality and Inclusion’ programs is that many in the LGBT community believe they are age-inappropriate and one sided.

When someone loves and trusts you unconditionally labels disappear, disagreement has no power to divide. True love conquers fear.

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