The VisionCompassion, Critical Thinking and Truth.

The CCT Campaign was started by a group of concerned Catholic Parents and Teachers but is open to everyone.

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The Mission StatementWe put children first.

We are looking for reactions to the Equality and Inclusion (anti- bullying) LGBT materials which Scottish Teachers are being asked to deliver in Catholic schools.

We have serious misgivings and are communicating with as many people as we can to gather their views. We understand that you may not want your name to be mentioned but we would be grateful for your opinion.

We ask that opinions and questions are framed in a way that has compassion on all involved in this debate.

We also aim to share materials (articles, videos, websites etc) which will help everyone learn what is at stake in this issue and suggest Christ centred responses.

All views are welcome if they follow the CCT criteria: Compassion, Critical thinking, and Truth.

The ForumJoin the discussion!

Please visit our RAISING AWARENESS section and perhaps leave a comment after watching a video or reading an article, please also visit our DISCUSSION FORUM and add your voice.

Why do we want to hear from you?
We want to journey together with you to try to understand what is happening to families, and especially to children, in today's culture. We want to work with you towards finding just solutions to the problems we face through gender confusion.
We would like to seek support from, and offer support to, those who are already alert to the wider LGBT activist agenda. We would like to help protect the right of parents as the first educators of their children.

We also would like to develop an alternative, authentically Catholic approach, to supporting LGBT pupils or children of same-sex couples in Catholic schools. We are fighting to preserve an oasis of Christian teaching in a culture that has lost its way. To do this we need to continually raise awareness among priests, parents and teachers and all those concerned with Catholic education, of the ‘queering of society’ through our children in the guise of anti-bullying lessons.


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